How To Register Your Domain Name With NameCheap | Tips & Live Demo | Video 2

How To Register Your Domain Name With NameCheap | Tips & Live Demo | Video 2

The first step in creating a Web Presence is to register a website name. I’ll show you the process to buy and register a domain name step-by-step.

In this video, we’ll briefly discuss the two main components of your website; you domain name and your hosting.

I’ll show you:
► How to check your domain name availability and why I register my domain name with one company and get hosting with another.
► How to protect your privacy, by registering your domain name without revealing personal information using WhoIs Guard protection, and how you can get that for free.

And then we’ll create a new account with NameCheap and purchase your domain.

To get to the NameCheap website, click on the following link:

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(Jump to specific parts of this video):
1:26 Get your free Ultimate Web Presence Checklist
2:04 What is a domain name? What is hosting?
3:57 How to get to NameCheap website
4:53 NameCheap homepage walkthrough
5:51 Why use separate domain registrar and hosting company
9:37 WhoIs information/ Privacy blocker
12:12 Ordering your domain name
13:27 What WhoIs Guard is
15:46 Create your NameCheap account
16:00 Download your own Web Presence Password Tracker
20:39 Summary


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