Buying a Domain Name for $1.5 Million: The Story of Purchasing

Buying a Domain Name for $1.5 Million: The Story of Purchasing

Learn more about my crazy domain purchase:

Years ago, I was employee #30 at Facebook working directly under Mark Zuckerberg.

When I was there we bought the domain for $200,000.

I thought Zuck was CRAZY! I couldn’t stop laughing. Who the f spends so much on a domain name?!?

Karma caught up to me.

Recently, I spent $1.5 million on the domain name — even more expensive than the domain The seller talked me all the way up from $50,000!

But after buying the domain name, I’ve realized some important lessons about building a business, making large purchases, and growing a company.

Watch this video to learn 3 reasons WHY I paid $1.5 million on a domain name… and how you can use these lessons in your own business.

0:17 – shutting up clones and competition
0:26 – make name pronouncing easier
0:40 – go big or go home
1:07 – “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”
1:17 – how to find website domain owners
2:03 – the lesson of pricing
2:35 – 2 lessons for making a large purchase


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